Vinyl & Aluminum Siding Painting

While most people are aware of the transformative impact paint can have on their home’s interior, few realize that it can make an equally dramatic improvement on the exterior, even if it features vinyl or aluminum siding. If your home’s siding no longer looks as attractive and has caused the curb appeal of your property to suffer, you should consider applying a fresh coat of paint to restore its appearance. Aside from the damage that would compromise the integrity of your home’s structure, most siding upgrades can be accomplished without scheduling a full replacement. Painting your siding saves you as much as 60% compared to replacing it, even when you hire the services of a professional painting company.

Although vinyl siding is relatively low maintenance, its color can fade over time due to sun exposure, often unevenly in different areas of your exterior. Specific paints, typically a mixture of urethane and acrylic resins, are formulated to work with vinyl siding, offering the flexibility necessary to allow thermal expansion during warm temperatures. As aluminum siding ages, years of withstanding extreme weather conditions cause the factory finish to become worn out and take on a chalky appearance. Through a process called surface oxidation, the enamel-based factory coating erodes and turns into a white powdery substance, revealing the bare metal beneath. Paint adheres to metal more easily than vinyl and will not peel due to shrinking and swelling like wood shingles.

Painting Your Siding Impacts Your Home’s Appeal

When you ask Big Surf Painting to paint your siding, our team will begin by Power-washing all surfaces to be painted, but it must be completed carefully as the force it produces can cause excess amounts of water to seep into or behind your siding. After preparing the surface, our team will apply a coat of primer as needed, then paint your siding with the color of your choice. Consider the color scheme of your home when selecting the right color to preserve curb appeal and ensure your house coordinates with neighboring houses.

High-quality acrylic paint is the number one choice for both aluminum and vinyl siding, but make sure the shade you choose is no darker than the current shade. Dark colors can damage your siding by absorbing too much heat and causing it to buckle or collapse. Choosing the right finish is also important for functionality purposes. Matte and flat finishes hide surface imperfections and create a more modern look, but they attract more debris and stains that make it difficult to clean. Satin and eggshell finishes are highly durable, easier to clean, and more resistant to stains.