Painting & Staining

As your walls and floors comprise most of your home’s interior, one of the simplest yet most impactful ways to improve your home is to apply a fresh coat of paint or stain. Whether you choose to transform your space with a vibrant color or exciting pattern, or you would prefer to stick to classic neutrals, Big Surf Painting provides the best painting and staining services in Indianapolis. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality products to meet all your home improvement needs, and our expert team has the experience and skill to ensure you receive spectacular results that will completely transform your home.

Function vs Form

Choosing between paint and stain options involves considering functionality and aesthetic appeal. Paint is ideal for totally changing the appearance and texture of your surfaces and can be applied to wood, drywall, metal, vinyl, and virtually every other kind of surface on the exterior or interior of your home. We offer paints in every possible shade, texture, and sheen for your project, as well as expert color consultation if you would like professional advice for updating your home with colors that complement the style of your architecture, from rustic to modern or contemporary. Our painting process begins with surface preparation, primer if needed, and two coats of the chosen wall paint.

Upgrading your home’s woodwork is simple with a fresh coat of stain. Whether you want to choose a shade that matches the existing wood or are interested in going dramatically lighter or darker than your current shade, Big Surf Painting will expertly apply your chosen stain to enhance your home’s appearance and practicality. Unlike paint that creates a top layer on the treated surface, stain sinks into the surface of the wood without covering it up, which allows the detailed grains and textures to show through for a natural look. This option also tends to be more cost-effective as stains are less dense than paint, cover more surface area, and do not always require the additional steps of priming and finishing with a clear coat, depending on the look you want.