Drywall Repair

Drywall damage is a common problem many homeowners face. Promptly repairing this damage is an important aspect of keeping your home in the best condition. Although most hardware stores carry supplies for doing this yourself, the repair process requires time, skill, and meticulous attention to detail to properly complete and provide optimal results. Neglecting to call in a professional company to handle your drywall repair can lead to an uneven, unsightly appearance or seriously undermine the structural integrity of your home.

Experienced Drywall Repair

Big Surf Painting has all the experience and expertise needed to navigate all kinds of drywall damage, efficiently delivering excellent results for an affordable price.

Damage to your home’s drywall can occur for many reasons, but the most frequent forms of damage homeowners experience include:

  • Holes typically happen due to accidental strong impacts, such as someone falling into a wall or a doorknob smashing into a wall when the door is opened with too much force. Nails that are not securely attached to the joint or stud under your drywall can pop through the surface.
  • Pieces of drywall can break apart and come off your wall as an inevitable consequence of removing any items attached to your wall, from tile or wallpaper to hanging objects that require drywall anchors, like mirrors and picture frames.
  • Over time, tiny movements of your home can cause cracks in your drywall, usually from settling of the soil beneath your home, high winds from storms, or expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. These cracks often appear in areas that undergo more structural stress, including the corners of wall openings, windows, and doors.
  • Children can damage drywall during particularly rough bouts of playtime, causing anything from superficial scratches to large holes.
  • Pest infestations can cause significant damage and can be identified by small holes in your drywall with piles of powder on the floor nearby. Termites will eat through drywall to reach the wood underneath, and wood wasps leave gaps in the surface that allow termites to enter. In addition, several species of beetles are known to infest drywall, including boring beetles and powder post beetles.
  • Carelessly moving furniture often causes pencil-like marks on drywall and can create large holes in the most serious cases.
  • Water damage, often because of leaking pipes, weakens your home’s structural integrity and can create a health hazard when mold and mildew accumulate.

Because damaged drywall tends to be very noticeable, it can ruin the appearance of your entire home as well as the affected wall. Taking the time to repair the damage now prevents it from worsening over time and costing you more to fix. Big Surf Painting will repair your drywall damage regardless of the reason or the extent of the damage, restoring your home to its former beauty and increasing the value of your property.